Shalco Industries: A top-tier stainless steel producer with aspirations of dominating the Indian market


Shalco Industries is a leading manufacturer of steel and stainless steel products. Having been established in the year 2000, today Shalco is one of the leading steel brands not just in India but also Internationally. Shalco Industries is known for manufacturing various products, including ferritic, austenitic & duplex stainless steel, nickel alloy, and copper-nickel. The need for high-quality stainless steel is always high, as it is used in numerous industries. Realizing this ever-growing need, Shalco Industries strives to create and bring the best product to the customers. Shalco Industries has the best-in-class machinery and advanced technology that yields optimal results.

Scope Of Work


Conduct an extensive SEO audit to identify the gaps in the website’s keyword bank. It is also essential for optimizing the website for higher search engine rankings.


Informative and assertive content to attract the target audience is crucial. A monthly content plan is useful and provides information on the various types of steel and other products.

Project Goals

Shalco Industries’ mission is to become the number one producer of steel and stainless steel products in India. Not just India, they also wanted to spread their roots internationally. In order to accomplish this vision, it is necessary to have a content strategy in place. 

To achieve this grand vision, a strategic approach is required. Reaching the right set of audiences is important to the overall development of the brand. To help them reach their target audience and drive conversion, a good SEO strategy also needs to be in place.  

Strategy and Implementation

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a critical digital marketing strategy aimed at enhancing the website’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). We began by conducting thorough keyword research to identify high-relevance and high-volume keywords related to Shalco Industries products. We also analyzed competitor’s keywords to gain insights.

Content Creation and Blogging

We conducted extensive research to understand the target audience better. Once the primary audience was identified, content curation took place. A content calendar was developed to plan and schedule blog posts, ensuring a consistent publishing frequency. Topics were chosen based on competitor analysis, audience interests, and seasonal trends.


Improved Online Visibility

The Shalco Industries website started getting increased visibility. Their search engine ranking improved. The number of organic followers and impressions increased.

Increased Organic Traffic

There was an increase in the organic traffic to the website. Shalco’s blog content allowed it to establish itself as an authority in the steel industry, further enhancing its online presence and reputation.