From an idea to make Indian food & groceries more accessible to growing as nation’s largest online marketplace for Indian products - here’s Quicklly’s growth story!


We teamed with Quicklly right when it was born in 2018 as a humble idea of making Indian food and groceries accessible to every pocket of the US and positioned it as the USA’s largest online marketplace for Indian food and groceries with elevated digital presence and brand image. Quicklly’s vision was to become the trusted platform for delivering the rich and diverse flavors of homemade Indian cuisine to its customers. 

What started as an idea to make Indian food and groceries accessible to people across the United States is now growing exponentially, with 18k+ social media followers, a robust customer base, and collaboration with premium global brands.

Scope Of Work

Social Media Management

  • Created engaging content.
  • Ran targeted campaigns.
  • Managed customer interactions.

Website Development

  • Revamped the website for better user experience.
  • Improved navigation and interface.
  • Streamlined the order placement process.

App Development

  • Designed a user-friendly mobile app.
  • Enabled seamless browsing, ordering, and delivery tracking.

Package Designing for 'Just's Lassi' and 'Just Meal Kits'

  • Created visually appealing packaging designs.
  • Highlighted the authenticity of the products.

Content Services

  • Curated compelling content, including website blogs, guest blogs, and press releases.
  • Aimed to educate and engage the audience.

UI Design for Landing Pages

  • Revamped the user interfaces of landing pages.
  • Improved the browsing experience for customers.

Indian Recipe Reels

  • Shot and edited recipe reels.
  • Showcased the diversity of Indian cuisine.
  • Made Indian cooking accessible and enjoyable for a global audience.

Project Goals

The core idea was to stand out as the go-to destination for authentic Indian food and groceries, emphasizing its unique in-house brand – ‘Just’s Lassi’ and ‘Just Meal Kits.’ Quicklly wanted to be seen as more than just another food delivery platform; they aimed to be recognized as a platform that delivers not just food and groceries but cherished memories of homemade Indian flavors.

Strategy and Implementation

Social Media Management

We were in the driver’s seat for Quicklly’s social media presence, creating engaging content, running targeted campaigns, and managing customer interactions. And the results included a significant increase in their Instagram followers, reaching 18.5K and still growing.

Website Development

We revamped Quicklly’s website to enhance user experience. This included improved navigation, a user-friendly interface, and seamless order placement, making it convenient for customers to explore and order products.


App Development

The Quicklly mobile app was designed to offer a user-friendly interface, enabling customers to browse, order, and track deliveries seamlessly.

Package Designing for 'Just's Lassi' and 'Just Ready to Eat Meals'

Our creative powerhouse team helped create visually appealing packaging designs for Just Lassi and Just Ready to Eat Meals that reflected the authenticity of the products, drawing customers’ attention to the website.

Content Services

Our grammar nazis curated compelling content, including website blogs, guest blogs, and press releases that conveyed Quicklly’s passion for authentic Indian cuisine. These articles were aimed at educating and engaging the audience.

UI Design for Landing Pages

We designed the landing pages’ user interfaces, providing customers a more intuitive and attractive browsing user experience.

Indian Recipe Reels

To spotlight the diversity of Indian cuisine, we shot and edited recipe reels, making Indian cooking accessible and enjoyable for a global audience. These reels were shared on Quicklly’s various social platforms.


Brand Identity and Recognition

Quicklly, with Digital Monks' help, positioned itself as a trusted platform for Indian food delivery, emphasizing the beauty of homemade flavors. The brand identity evolved to embody the essence of Indian culture, tradition, and culinary artistry.

Growing Customer Base

Quicklly's social media following grew to 18.5K Instagram followers, signifying a significant increase in brand visibility. The engagement rate and the number of repeat customers saw substantial growth.

Enhanced User Experience

With the revamped website and app, customers found it easier and more enjoyable to browse and order their favorite Indian food and groceries.

Elevated Content Quality

The well-curated content provided valuable information to customers and positioned Quicklly as an authority on Indian cuisine. The blogs and press releases were shared widely, attracting a broader audience.

Visual Appeal

The package designs and recipe reels added visual appeal and an emotional connection, making Quicklly's offerings even more enticing.