We used a hyperfocused creative approach to convey the intricate capabilities of RADIUM AI’s RPA bot management tool.


Radium AI monitors bots across various RPA platforms and provides cognitive auto resolutions upon bot failures. With growing adoption of various automation tools and intelligent technologies, it’s the need of the hour to automate the digital worker support and RADIUM AI is driven by this ideology. We collaborated with RADIUM AI to elevate their digital presence. The primary goal of this partnership was to showcase Radium AI’s unique automated bot management tool, capture its dynamic capabilities, and communicate its effectiveness in error identification and automated action-taking via a dynamic website and hyperfocused animated brand video.

Project Goals

Radium AI wanted to effectively communicate the intricate capabilities of their RPA bot management tool. They needed to present these complex concepts in a simple and engaging manner that would resonate with potential clients. The website lacked the visual appeal and dynamism necessary to captivate the audience, while the need for a brand video to effectively communicate their value proposition was evident.

Dynamic Web Design: We created Radium AI’s website, infusing it with dynamic UI designs and effects. The new design aimed to engage visitors and present complex information in a user-friendly manner.

Animated Brand Video: We created an animated brand video that illustrated how Radium AI seamlessly manages bots through their automated bot management tool. This video aimed to simplify the explanation of their software’s capabilities and benefits using an animated RADIUM AI girl as their mascot.

Strategy and Implementation

Dynamic Web Design

The new website was designed to be visually engaging, with dynamic UI elements that captured the essence of Radium AI’s automation capabilities. It ensured that complex information was presented in an understandable and visually appealing manner.

Animated Brand Video

We used creative storytelling and animation to illustrate Radium AI’s value proposition. The video showcased the software’s ability to identify errors and take automated actions, making it accessible and compelling to a broader audience.


Through dynamic web design and the creation of an animated brand video, We helped Radium AI effectively communicate the value of their automated bot management tool. The results demonstrate the success of the collaboration in making complex RPA concepts understandable and engaging. Radium AI now possesses a dynamic online presence that can effectively attract and inform potential clients about their innovative RPA management solution.