For a revolutionary fire safety product, we let our creative nerds and tech geeks take over - here’s FireRID’s growth story!


FireRID offers innovative automated fire extinguishers for domestic and commercial use. They sought our expertise to enhance its digital presence. The primary objective of this partnership was to establish a robust online identity, increase brand awareness, and effectively communicate the value of FireRID’s groundbreaking fire safety solution. 

With a product so powerful and revolutionary, we had to put our best creative team forward to help them accomplish their brand goals. Using a planned approach, our creative nerds and tech geeks created the most thoughtful brand narrative and dynamic website to help them stand tall amongst their competitors.

Scope Of Work

Social Media Management

We devised a social media strategy to establish a strong online presence for FireRID. This included creating and managing content across various platforms to engage and inform the audience.

Dynamic Website Design

Our tech geeks revamped FireRID’s website to reflect the cutting-edge technology and innovation behind their product. The website was designed to be engaging and informative.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO techniques were implemented to improve the website’s visibility on search engines, ensuring that potential customers could easily find information about FireRID’s fire extinguisher.

Content Curation

Our creative nerds curated relevant and informative content to showcase the benefits and features of FireRID’s automated fire extinguisher. This content was disseminated through various channels to increase brand awareness.

Project Goals

FireRID faced the challenge of introducing a revolutionary product in the fire safety industry. They needed to establish trust and brand recognition among potential customers while effectively conveying the advantages of their automated fire extinguisher. The digital presence of FireRID was limited, and they required a complete overhaul to reach a wider audience.

Strategy and Implementation

Social Media Presence

We created and managed a strong social media presence, using engaging content to educate and inform the audience about FireRID’s product, its safety benefits, and ease of use.

Dynamic Website

The redesigned website effectively conveyed the revolutionary nature of the automated fire extinguisher through visually appealing and informative content. It also included product details, FAQs, and customer testimonials.

SEO Optimization

SEO techniques were applied to ensure that the website ranked high in search engine results for relevant keywords, driving organic traffic to FireRID’s website.

Content Curation

We curated and distributed informative content, including blog posts, articles, and videos, to raise awareness about FireRID’s innovative fire safety solution.


Strong Social Media Presence

FireRID's social media channels saw increased engagement and followers. The content strategy effectively informed the audience about the automated fire extinguisher.

Dynamic Website

The revamped website received positive feedback for its dynamic design and clear communication of the product's advantages. It became a valuable resource for potential customers.

Improved SEO Ranking

FireRID's website ranked higher in search engine results, resulting in increased organic traffic and more exposure to potential customers.

Increased Brand Awareness

The content curation efforts contributed to heightened brand awareness as FireRID's innovative solution was showcased through various informative materials.