Why You Need a Portfolio Website for Your Personal Brand

Why You Need a Portfolio Website for Your Personal Brand

From businesses, internet personalities, creatives, artists, creators, performers, to freelance designers and writers— everyone maintains a repository of their best work in some shape or form. In a digital first world that we live in, it is important to also create a space on the internet to showcase their body of work. It is one of the easiest ways for someone looking to access your services to connect with you. 

Make your first impression an unforgettable one with a portfolio website

What is a portfolio website, really. You are not the first person to wonder things, not will the last, and that we’re certain of. Professionals all around the world are slowing discovering the potential of a well-curated portfolio website that goes beyond just a logbook of your work. Through a portfolio website, you can use different facets of your personality to present your skillset to the world. Where a portfolio would essentially be a one-to-one sharing model— limiting your access to only those you wish to share it with, a portfolio website opens your audience reach significantly. 

What it takes to create an impressive portfolio website. 

Much like a regular website on the brand selling products, your portfolio website is selling something too— your personal brand. It’s therefore very important that you partner with someone who will help you walk through this process of identifying this with you and build a website that reflects your most authentic self. 

For those venturing into this for the first time, be mindful of a few important things. 

1. The web development agency or partner you choose must understand what you’re unique offering to the world is

2. They must display their internet to partner with you— brainstorm, ideate, guide and partner with you

3. See if they can walk the talk— they may be great ideas-people but if they don’t help you implement your website in action, it would have all been for no gains!

The beauty of a brilliant first impression is that it lasts. So, make sure your portfolio website has everything your audience need to know about you.  At Digital Monks, our approach to a portfolio website is slightly elevated from those offered as standard in the market. Our approach is centred mainly around our clients and what they wish to achieve with their space on the internet. We also take is also uniquely customized to our clients, their industry, style, and personality. While we are a digital company that manages Web Development in Mumbai, we cater to clients from all around the world. Therefore, our insights are not drawn by standard practices. It is driven by what works best for our clients in all markets. 

Here are a few very important things that we think about when we take on a new client looking to build their website portfolio. 

Our client’s brand language

Not everyone’s speaks the same way, so why should their websites do the same? We’re all about ditching the cookie-cutter approach to website and making our client’s portfolio website a reflection of their real selves. Helping identify this right at the outset gives us the opportunity to explore various ideas when it comes to website themes, colours and so much more. 

Helping you reach a larger audience

We help our clients identify what they want to achieve with their portfolio website. Once they’ve been able to full articulate their goal, we help them curate their content accordingly and generate the right kind of traffic that is relevant to their field of work. 

Making you easily accessible

By carefully understanding your industry’s preferred modes of communication, we make recommendations on how you should be available on your portfolio. While contact details are a no-brainer, we’re here to partner with you to identify more meaningful ways to initiate conversation through your portfolio website. 

These are just some of the ways we make a difference through our website development services. You can see explore our full scope of unique offerings and reach out. We’re a fan of coffee and conversations. Reach out to us, even if it’s just to say hello!